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New Look, New Goals

It's been a very busy few months here at 3Leaf Creative. While I am working on building up my own client base, I have been picking up all kinds of freelance projects through Creative Circle and 24-Seven. They are really great resources for freelancers or those, like me, who need work (and money!) now, while still building up my own brand identity.

Speaking of which, I decided that 3Leaf needed a facelift. I wasn't super happy with my original logo, colors and overall look and feel. I never truly felt it connected with me, my style, and what I want my brand to be. On my [long] to-do list has been to create my own marketing materials, both for the corporate business side as well as my wedding and events side. However, I have not gotten around to doing so. Partly because I literally have had 0 time to do so, but also, deep down I don't think I was ready to put the old branding in front of potential clients. Why put something out there that you are 100% happy with.

I can now say, I am 100% happy with the updated look and feel. It reflects not only me as a person but me as a designer - Clean, Sophisticated, Fun.

Now that I have my brand, I feel ready to put it in front of the world (ok, that might be a stretch but you know what I mean). My goal is know to produce marketing materials that I can use to pitch my business to potential clients!

When you get a great new haircut or feel awesome in a new outfit you automatically exude a new-found confidence. I have that same feeling now with my new look. I now feel even more ready to tackle this thing called entrepreneurship! Let's Go!

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